Trail running shoes: Salomon supercross review

by Mags Nixon
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The Salomon Supercross GTX W are the perfect running shoe for pounding the trails come snow or mud during the colder months. I’ve put this shoe to the test over our winter in the Alps and I’m impressed.

Not only are they the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever worn, they are lightweight, look great and their insane traction will keep you upright on running trails all winter long.

The Salomon Supercross GTX W is an affordable all terrain running shoe aimed at the mid level runner, less technical than say the Speedcross yet designed for comfort and grip.

Without further ado lets take a closer look at the Salomon Supercross for women.


Salomon supercross running shoe


Salomon Supercross review

The Salomon Supercross GTX W are a more affordable version of Salomon’s more expensive, technical Speedcross which have a notoriously narrow fit.

I’ve never tested a pair of the more technical Speedcross, but the wider fit of the Supercross make them incredibly comfortable. My feet literally fit like a glove. Super cosy and my feet feel completely supported at all times.



Salomon Supercross GTX W stats

RRP £100

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Deep aggressive lugs

The Salomon Supercross is designed as an off roader performing best on wild terrain. And in the wild, grip is king. Lets talk about this shoe’s lugs (What are lugs?? Lugs are simply the tread on the bottom of a shoe).

Deep lugs give more grip on slippy surfaces. The Salomon Supercross GTX W feature super aggressive lugs at 6mm deep and are widely spaced apart. The chevron shaped lugs give multi-directional grip – crucial for trail running. 

Couple that with Salomon’s most durable sole compound, contragrip, and you’ve got yourself insanely good traction. The Salomon Supercross GTX W are easily able to tackle a variety of terrain, such as snow, wet grass, loose dirt and mud without slipping which makes them the perfect winter running shoe.

I haven’t yet slipped in these beauties.

running shoe lugs

Foot protection

The heel is well protected with a 29mm stack height (the depth of the material from your foot to the ground). Heel strikers will benefit from this extra cushioning.

It’s a moderate heel striking shoe with a 10mm drop meaning that the front of the shoe offers 19mm of protection offering a good level of sensitivity in the forefront.

The Salomon Supercross GTX W has a full gortex membrane protecting your feet keeping your feet dry. I’ve pounded the trails in lashing rain and through muddy wet puddles and my feet have always stayed dry. 



Foot comfort

The Salomon Supercross are extremely comfy. They are a dream to run in. This is largely down to the cushion of the Ortholite insole.

As previously mentioned the fit on the Salomon Supercross is much wider than Salomon’s more expensive, high performance Speedcross shoe. Runners with a narrow foot may need to stick to the Speedcross.

The Salomon Supercross, apart from the heel thickness is not the most generous in protectiveness but does gives moderate protection to the foot whilst underway. 

The toe does have an extra layer of rubber for protection whilst the ripstop durable mesh tongue prevents debris and small stones from entering the shoe. Breathability could be an issue in warmer months but so far I’ve had no issues.

Size wise I’d say they are true to your normal fit. T

The Salomon Supercross for women weigh in at 290g. I find them super lightweight and perfect for travelling.


Quicklace system

I do like the kevlar quicklace system Salomon have used for the Supercross. They keep my feet secure and the quicklaces never loosen like conventional laces which is a huge bonus.

However, in my opinion, Salomon could improve the lace length on the Supercross (it’s too long) and it’s disappointing there isn’t a lace pocket to tuck it into. The laces are needlessly long and could definitely do with being a bit shorter.

Instead of a lace pocket, the elastic loop provided on the front of the foot to tuck the laces into isn’t as handy and in my opinion doesn’t really look that nice. It’s the only thing that annoys me about this shoe. But if I don’t look down then it’s not an issue.


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Overall, I genuinely love the Salomon Supercross. They are incredibly light meaning I can throw them into my pack and don’t need to sacrifice my daily fix when we’re on our travels. But the game changer is the comfort factor. If you’re looking for a new trail shoe, you won’t be disappointed by the Salomon Supercross GTX W. I seriously rate mine.

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