Tour du Mont Blanc

Our Tour du Mont Blanc blog has posts on everything you need to know about the Tour du Mont Blanc hike.

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is one of the world’s classic multi-day hikes over 170km, through 3 different countries (France, Italy & Switzerland) around Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Northern Europe.

Whether to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided or with a guide is always the first question. This challenging multi-day trek takes 11 days to hike in full, or 6 for a half circuit so it’s easy to think you’d need a guide. However, it’s much more adventurous & a fraction of the price to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided – as long as you able to properly read a map, have common sense, take cautions early season & check the weather, it’s very easy to hike the TMB self guided. 

Our Ultimate Guide to trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided talks you through the basics such as what the Tour du Mont Blanc is, through to details such as how to plan, how to book Tour du Mont Blanc accommodation, and tips & advice. It’s a very detailed post, and includes tips on how to complete it even with kids.

Other popular posts include the TMB ladders, which are the best Tour du Mont Blanc refuges and how to cut trail times on this famous trek using public transport. We also have day by day descriptions of the trail which include water stops and camping options, and a complete packing list for the TMB.

I hope you find everything you need here on our Tour du Mont Blanc blog. We live in Chamonix so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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