4 good reasons to consider caving in Devon as your next family adventure day

by Mags Nixon

Want to experience something new as a family? Try caving in Devon.

Caving in Devon is not something that jumps to mind for families visiting the South West. Blessed with dramatic coastline and stunning beaches why on holiday in Devon, would you consider a family caving experience day? We’ll give you 4 reasons why you should.

1. Caving is one of the best things to do in Devon in the rain

Anyone visiting Devon, even in August, will know why our fields are emerald green. Rain!

Holidaymakers leave Devon with a firm imprint of glorious endless days on the beach, but forget it probably rained for half the trip. Us British tend not to let rain drag us down too much, getting out in all weathers, but drizzling, back to back days of soak to the bone rain (especially if you’re sleeping under canvas) can drive any family to the brink of insanity.

If you’re wondering what things to do in Devon in the rain, then caving has to be perfect answer. Who wants to sit in a café all day watching the rain? Or traipse along a coastal walk when you can’t see anything but fog? So if you’re looking ahead to a miserable week of weather in Devon, book in a family caving trip.

But isn’t rain dangerous for flash floods whilst caving? Is it safe to take my kids caving? Read on below.

2. Caving actually has an excellent safety record.

Most people think that caving is dangerous in the rain. Flash floods and all that. I was the same. Until I called Isca Outdoors to research this article. This is a massive misconception associated with caving.

Caving in some parts of the UK can certainly be dangerous, for example in Yorkshire because of it’s flash flood high level risk, but Primshamsleigh Caverns in Devon is a super safe beginners cave that NEVER flash floods, but fills up slowly over a 2 week period, giving instructors plenty of time to assess safety levels and cancel booking if necessary.

Basically it’s a dream beginner caving site. With some vast caverns and easy routes, it’s a great way to introduce kids to the world underneath us.

With regards to safety, the worst you might have are a few knocks and scuffles whilst slithering around, but your hard hat protects you from most of the bangs. At worse your kids might have are a bruise or a scrape.

3. Devon Caves are perfect for families

Primshamleigh Caverns is a perfect site for beginners and children. With plenty of easy, roomy passageways choices within the several kilometres of passageways, the various inter-connecting routes means instructors can easily change routes according to ability and age. Many people are nervous to cave for the first time, envisioning cramped tight spaces and tiny holes to inch through. Not so, you can still experience subterranean Britain even if you are mildly claustrophobic and just a little bit (and rightly so), nervous.

4. It’s an experience like no other!

Most kids have experienced the sky by plane, have swum in the sea or bobbed on the ocean on boats and have discovered many other habitats on land. Submerged below the earth though is a whole new magical world to be discovered. Dripping water creates beautiful smooth sculptures, fun slides to bum slither down create a fun element, underground lakes and a mass of intertwining chambers. If your kids love science, geography or fantasy literature the chances are they will be fascinated by what awaits them underground.

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